• Download the cwshell.package files(zip or tar).
  • CWShell requires Jess API for inference engine. In order to download Jess go to .
  • Extract files in and
  • Copy jess.jar from Jess71p2/lib/ into cwshell.package/cwcwshell_lib/

The folder CWJessDemo is organized as follows.

cwshell.jarExecutable jar file with all the required classes
cwshell_lib/jess.jarjess API extracted from
res/rules.clpThese rules are supplied to Jess for inferencing computing with words constructs. Do not delete this file, since it is used in every execution of program.
res/CaseStudy.gclA sample gcl program.
doc/Toolkit can also be used as API. Javadocs are provided in this folder.


A sample GCL program file (CaseStudy.gcl) is provided in res/ folder. Run the program using following command, open the .gcl file and hit 'execute' button.

Execute Program:

java -jar cwshell.jar